Saturday, December 29, 2012

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New book now available: Lift Your Right Arm

 "One of the innovators of the short short story, Cherches (Condensed Book) returns with a collection whose pieces linger in the void somewhere between poetry and prose. Consisting of five sequences of loosely connected minimalist stories--few of which go on for longer than a page--these "novellas", though distinct, keep returning to certain overarching themes: the reality of death, the difficulty of expressing subjective perspective, and the failures of language." - Publishers Weekly

“Packed into Lift Your Right Arm are conundrums, Abbott-and-Costello dialogues, nonsense narratives and other playful—sometimes hilarious, sometimes subversive—assaults on logic. To Gödel, Escher, and Bach we might consider adding Peter Cherches.”
- Billy Collins

“Peter Cherches is one of the stingiest writers going—stingy with words, that is. He won’t use ten words if he can get away with five, and he won’t write a novel if he can convey its pith in a page. This book, then, is the equivalent of a whole shelf of books. Read slowly, it can last you for years.” - Luc Sante

Available in paperback and ebook for Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

  • excerpts from Mr. Deadman (decomP)

  • excerpts from Mr. Deadman (The Cafe Irreal)

  • excerpts from Mr Deadman (Eclectica)

  • excerpts from Mr. Deadman (Danse Macabre)

  • A Horror Story (Danse Macabre)

  • All my pieces on Six Sentences

  • Dissatisfaction; The Biographers; Imagining Phoebe (3:AM)

  • A Do-It-Yourself Kit (Qarrtsiluni)

  • Lost; The Same Thing (Snow Monkey)

  • The Funny Company (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

  • I Left My Youth at Fred & Rudy's Candy Store (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

  • Fragments of a Visit to Singapore and Thailand, 1991 (Mung Being)

  • A Gift from My Father (Mung Being)

  • Autobiography Without Words (Mung Being)

  • Reverence (Mung Being)

  • At the Terminal (Mung Being)

  • The Stribble Circle (Mung Being)

  • Mr. Cherches Goes to Mars (Mung Being)

  • Happy Passover, Cleverbot (Mung Being)

  • Love with the Proper Stevedore (Mung Being)

  • Geography (Mung Being)

  • Olga's Party (Mung Being)

  • The Rematch (Mung Being)

  • The Man with a Steak Nose (Mung Being)

  • At Dagwood and Blondie's (Mung Being)

  • Mood Indigo (Mung Being)

  • The Music Critic and the Soprano (Mung Being)

  • Excerpts from Trio Bagatelles (Mung Being)

  • A Finnish Toaster (Mung Being)

  • The Knish (Mung Being)

  • Bulimia Mon Amour (Mung Being)

  • The Man Who Lived in a Shoe (Mung Being)

  • The Bubble (Mung Being)

  • Mother's Meat Loaf (Mung Being)

  • from Trio Bagatelles (elimae)

  • Whispers (elimae)

  • Billing Notice (elimae)

  • A Letter Opener (Six Little Things)

  • Mr. Mondrian's Confusion (Rumble)

  • Lift Your Right Arm (Poetry 180)

  • Where Is She? (Poetry 180)

  • 1st Line (50 to 1)

  • The Lone Ranger (Titular)

  • Singeing (Tuesday Shorts)

  • A Conspiracy of Address Book Salesmen (Tuesday Shorts)

  • Collaborations

  • Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (with Don Skiles, Eclectica)

  • A Red Flag and a Horn (with Don Skiles, Mung Being)

  • Days Lost to History... (with Don Skiles, Snow Monkey)

  • A 92-Degree Day (with Don Skiles, Qarrtsiluni)

  • Eggs (with Marina LaPalma, Mung Being)

  • Found Photo (with Holly Anderson, Qarrtsiluni)

  • Similarities (with Holly Anderson, Qarrtsiluni)

  • Behold These Arms (with Holly Anderson, Admit Two)